We do this in a supportive workshop environment, by:

•  raising participants’ confidence

•  developing the generic work skills needed in workplaces

• making high quality products out of recycled wood, that will be sold to help fund us

ReSkilled is open to a wide range of people.

Our basic criteria are that you:

•  live in Guildford or the surrounding area (i.e. on the bus routes)

•  have been unemployed for a year or more

•  are aged between 25 and retirement age

•  want to start moving towards work

“When I had seen that I could make stuff with my hands…that was impressive for me and it gave me a lot of confidence.”

“I can recall on the experiences (at the workshop) when my confidence goes down … I have objects to look at to remind me of the success of being in the workshop.”

Keith, who had worked with Piers previously

(Also see Our Impact)

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