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What We Do

ReSkilled is a Christian charity based in Guildford who aim to reduce social isolation and give people back self-esteem, choices and hope, by enabling them to re-discover the fulfilment and benefits of being in employment.

We do this by using a wood workshop to raise individuals’ confidence and teach general work skills, then encouraging Participants to engage with our Voluntary work partners with the purpose of entering sustainable employment.

We work with people from Guildford and Woking – ages 25 up to retirement age – who are still unemployed after a year; particularly those who have been homeless. It’s also for people who may have been made redundant, perhaps been caring for someone long-term, suffered long-term health difficulties – mental or physical or may be recovering from alcohol or substance abuse.

How We Do It

ReSkilled wood workshop is a “pre-employment” opportunity in which participants can learn a range of generic work skills and practical woodwork skills to increase their confidence and prepare them to manage in a workplace. These skills will be taught by Staff and Volunteers in an encouraging and supportive  environment – whilst retaining the expectations of quality of work required in any mainstream workplace.

A wide variety of saleable products will be made by our participants from recycled wood, which can then be sold through various outlets, including Etsy, with revenue put back into the project. Using recycled wood reduces costs and doesn’t have to affect quality – we strive to produce a creative range of high quality products.

We aim to develop Participants’ confidence through the satisfaction and pride generated by making pieces in wood, combined with regular interaction with a small group of others. Not only do a sense of achievement and self-belief come from seeing the finished work  – and learning at times to persevere – but as most products will later be sold, the maker’s confidence will be boosted by someone else being willing to pay money for what they have made.

The Courses

Participants attend for one day a week on a 7 week taster course before being able to continue for a further 18 weeks. We will demonstrate and teach generic work skills, along with hand and machine wood skills, all of which will be recorded in individuals’ portfolios to evidence progress and be of clear use to a future employer.

After 25 weeks, Participants will be referred to the Voluntary Action centre in Guildford or Volunteer Woking who will facilitate a voluntary role, in which skills can be further developed and confidence maintained.

From this point, it is expected that individuals will either sustain voluntary work or move into paid employment.

Safety and Safeguarding

Trust in the safety of all at ReSkilled is essential. We have clear guidelines for both Health & Safety in the workshop and Safeguarding which all Staff, Volunteers and Participants must maintain at all times. Admissions and referrals to us will follow procedures to enable the widest access, whilst putting the safety of all first.

More Information

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