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Choosing ReSkilled’s Products

We are continually creating a varied range of products – these can be found (and bought!) via

To be informed of new products, please Contact Us  . You can also be kept informed by signing up to our Newsletter.

When you choose to buy a wooden product from ReSkilled, you can know that it is going to be of good quality. It will also be:

• Made of re-used, natural materials with a low environmental cost reducing the cost to nature and to you

• From an innovative, skill-training, caring enterprise that can change lives

• Handmade with skill and care

• Part of a good range of different designs – regularly added to and changing

• Contributing to the sustainability of ReSkilled

Our purpose in making and selling the products that Participants create is not only to raise individuals’ confidence through seeing what they can achieve, nor simply as a way of generating income for ReSkilled but particularly for Participants to experience the satisfaction of knowing that someone is willing to pay for something that they have made.

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