Volunteer at ReSkilled

What do we need?

Volunteers must enjoy working with wood and like to encourage others!

What’s the timing?

This is an ongoing role that requires committing one day per week:  9am – 2.45pm (i.e. within school hours).

We always have a coffee break and a ½ hour lunch break. You will need to bring your own lunch.

Where are we?

The workshop’s location is currently to be confirmed.

Your role:

You will be working with up to 3 Participants, each of whom will have been unemployed long-term for different reasons. As such, we make Safeguarding a high priority within ReSkilled.

You will need to have a positive approach towards work and the patience and willingness to work alongside individuals of mixed wood skills abilities.

You will be guiding Participants in making a variety of gifts and pieces for the home, e.g. chopping boards, candle holders, iPad stands, door wedges. These will be made from reused wood which will need preparing for use first, e.g. sawing to size and planing previous finishes off.

You will need to show good regard for Health and Safety and be willing to learn new skills where necessary. Additional training for the woodworking machines will be provided in-house, free of charge.

All Volunteers should know that we are required to carry out a Disclosure and Barring Service check on every Volunteer and also seek two references.

An induction pack of helpful information will be provided. ReSkilled will repay any expenses, such as travel costs, by prior agreement.

Sounds good – what next?

The workshop has not started yet but most of the preparations for running are in place. Please go to the Contact Us page and either fill in an enquiry form, or e-mail us – we will aim to reply within 3 working days.

We will hold a list of those who have expressed an interest in Volunteering and contact you as soon as we are running.

Thank you!