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Frequently Asked Questions

Who will be able to come on a course?

You will need to:

• live in Guildford or the surrounding area (i.e. on the bus routes)

• have been unemployed for a year or more

• be aged 25 up to retirement age

• want to start moving towards work

For more details, see Join a ReSkilled Course

What if I haven’t done woodwork before?

We will teach you from any starting point – you just need to be happy to learn and have a go (we don’t intend to make “chippies” out of those who come)!

What if I decide it’s not for me once I’ve begun?

The first 7 weeks (sessions) are a Taster Course because it might not work out for you. We hope that after seeing what we do, and having an informal interview before coming, you’ll get a fair idea of what’s involved. It’s best to decide after the full seven weeks whether you’d like to continue or leave – it’s still up to you though.

What happens if I miss a week or two?

As we know that life isn’t always straightforward, we have allowed for you not making every session. During the Taster Course, we expect you to attend at least 5 out of the 7 weeks to continue onto the Rooted Course (a further 18 weeks). This will enable both us and you to see what level of commitment you can realistically give at this point. We expect that you’ll want to continue, but if you find that circumstances are stopping you, then you can apply to join again at a later date.

Can I make things for other people?

Once you have made one or two small projects to learn and demonstrate your starting ability, we would aim for you to make a combination of things for us to sell and for you to keep (or give to others). Our priority is for you to learn and gain confidence, whilst realising that you can help ReSkilled continue to run for others.

If it’s a Christian organisation, what will that mean for me?

We simply hope that our commitment, encouragement and help to see you move forward with more confidence and hope, will be a demonstration of the faith that sustains us.

How do I get to the workshop?

Please see the Contact Us page.

How do I join a course?

Please see Join a ReSkilled Course for information about simple entry criteria and joining.

Can I refer someone to a course?

Yes. Please complete the enquiry form on the Contact Us page – you will obviously need to check that it’s ok with them first. They will then be invited for an informal interview where we (and they) can assess if ReSkilled would be the right place for them. You could accompany them initially as needed.

Where can I buy ReSkilled’s products?

We sell finished products through – please just search for ReSkilledWood or click here.

If we are able to sell through a market or open day in the workshop, this will be advertised in our Newsletter.

Can I donate wood to ReSkilled?

Yes, we would appreciate donations of old wood if it is solid (not laminates) and has not been stored outside. We will strip it down and use whatever we can.

Please contact us first to check and then arrange to drop it off, or for us to pick up. Thank you!