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Join a ReSkilled Course

Our aim is to help individuals who have been unemployed for more than twelve months get into work. Each person will have a different story and reason for not being able to work. We don’t think there’s a quick fix. It takes time to build up confidence, to see your value and know that you have something to offer.

That is why ReSkilled was set up – to help build confidence, learn work skills and help you move on towards work.

Who will be able to join ReSkilled?

You will need to:

• live in Guildford or surrounding area (i.e. on a bus route)

•  have been unemployed for a year or more

•  be aged 25 up to retirement age

•  want to start moving towards work

Are there any other restrictions on who can join?

Not really, but for the safety of all in the workshop we will need to consider:

physical health – this won’t be suitable for those with moderate asthma

mental health – if the workshop environment could cause you particular difficulties, we will need to know how to reduce the chance of occurrences

alcohol/substance abuse – this would pose a serious Health and Safety risk for you and others

criminal convictions – you will need to declare any unspent convictions (like in any employment) so that we can do a criminal record risk assessment with you. This will enable us to see if the conviction is relevant – we don’t want to refuse anyone but we have a duty to keep the workshop a safe environment for all. This is also better way to start again rather than try to ignore the past. We reserve the right to ask you to apply for a Basic DBS check before starting –  if so, we will pay for it.

What will I do?

We expect you to come for one day a week, from 9.15am – 2.45pm.

You will start on a 7 week Taster Course. If you can attend regularly and wish to continue, you will go onto the full 18 week Rooted Course.

You will be taught how to use woodworking hand tools and machines (where appropriate).

You will be guided to make a variety of wooden projects – no previous skills necessary, just a desire to give it a go. Some of these will be for you to keep and others will be sold to help run ReSkilled.

We will discuss a range of common work skills with you and record your progress in them. This will be in a folder for you to take with you onto a future workplace, as evidence of what you can do, i.e. as a reference.

After the 25 weeks, we will arrange for you to meet up with a volunteering co-ordinator – from Guildford or Woking – so that you can continue using your skills and developing your confidence, keeping moving towards work.

What will I be making?

We reuse old wood and make it look new, out of which can be made a variety of gifts and pieces for the home, e.g. chopping boards, candle holders, iPad stands, door wedges.

How do I get there?

We can reimburse your return bus ticket (up to £4.50 on production of the ticket) to enable you to attend each week – we do not want transport to be a barrier. The workshop’s location is in the Hall Extension of St Peters Shared Church, 37 Hazel Avenue, Guildford GU1 1NP. See Contact Us page for more details.

Anything else?

We always have a coffee break and a ½ hour lunch break. You will need to bring your own lunch.

Clothing – we will provide safety boots and an apron. Please wear clothes that could get a bit dirty/dusty (not tops with drawstrings that could get caught).

How do I join?

We generally expect people to be referred to us. Current referrers include Guildford Borough Council Wellbeing Team and Voluntary Action South West Surrey amongst others. Please get in touch with them: or alternatively (FAO Alice Sheppard).

Once referred, we will send you an Application Form to be filled in and returned.

You will then be invited to see the workshop and meet one of us for a chat and to go through what you would do at ReSkilled. This gives both you and us an opportunity to see if this could be a helpful opportunity for you (we hope it will be).

This should all be quite a quick process so that you can start without much delay. Before you begin, you will have to sign our Code of Conduct for Workshop Users helping us to keep everyone safe.

Feel free to ring us if you have any questions (07821 198 641).